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      熱門詞:生物顯微鏡 水質分析儀 微波消解 熒光定量PCR 電化學工作站 生物安全柜

      美國 . Orflo

      Orflo www.orflo.com
      美國公司ORFLO Technologies近日推出了一款迷你的自動細胞計數儀——Moxi? Z

      基因有限公司 Gene Company Limited

      ORFLO Technologies is a privately held leading edge biotechnology company with a strong Intellectual Property portfolio and a mission focused on revolutionizing cell analysis.The first product developed by ORFLO was licensed to a third-party and launched in 2010 as the first of its kind hand-held cell counter. After this product received many industry awards for innovation, and high accolades from the user community, ORFLO is now launching a next generation product, Moxi Z, the first and only hands-free mini automated cell counter that will revolutionize the world of cell counting in all aspects – performance, speed, simplicity and affordability.

      The need to analyze cells is prevalent across many diverse fields including basic life science research, clinical research and diagnostics, veterinary research and diagnostics as well as the food and beverage industry. ORFLO stays tuned in to the needs of these users, and is committed to developing innovative products that vastly improve their workflows.