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      美國 . 3D Biotek
      3D Biotek

      ?3D Biotek? www.3dbiotek.com www.3dbiotek.net
      3D百特成立由一組專業人士和企業家在2007年4月,是3維腳手架設計和制造的領導者。.使用其3D精密微加工技術和先進的生物制造技術,公司是一家從事研究和開發新型三維多孔裝置的干細胞培養,組織工程和藥物發現應用。 該公司還將誰需要很好地控制內部多孔結構制造生物醫學設備的客戶提供服務。

       3D Biotek


      地址:江蘇省江陰市經濟開發區 砂山路85號 百橋國際生物園A座213室


      675 US Highway 1?675美國1號公路?
      North Brunswick, NJ 08902北不倫瑞克,NJ 08902?
      美國百奇ABGENT ?

      Recongene Biomedical Technologies

      Room A-213, BridgeBio Park,
      85 Shashan Road, BridgeBio Tower, Jiangyin, Jiangsu 214434?

      Tel: 0510-8641-9739
      Fax: 0510-8641-9750

      Founded in April 2007, 3D Biotek LLC is a biotechnology company located in New Jersey, USA. Using its Precision 3D Micro-Fabrication Technology and Advanced Bio-Manufacturing Technology, 3D Biotek is a leader in the research and development of novel 3-dimensional (3D) cell culture devices for stem cell/tissue engineering and drug discovery applications.


      The first product line commercialized by 3D Biotek is the?3D InsertTM, a series of novel 3D porous scaffolds for use in drug screening, stem cell research, and tissue engineering. The application of these?3D InsertTMenables researchers to create superior?in vitro?models to obtain more realistic physiological results from?in vitro?studies. As a result, the use of 3D cell culture will decrease the overall therapeutic and pharmaceutical product development cost and shorten the? time to market.


      In April 2010, through 3D Biotek's collaboration with?BioCellChallenge, a French company specializing in intracellular delivery systems, the world's only?Cell Transfection Kit?was made available to researchers worldwide. The kit is based on a unique?in vitro?transfection technology, allowing researchers to achieve high-density efficiencies of plasmid DNA into 3D-cultured cells and to perform extended 3D transgene expression studies in cell grown in physiological-like tissue environments.


      3D Biotek is further developing additional novel products and technologies to overcome current challenges in multiple medical fields, such as orthopedic and angioplasty field, as well as offers?services?to customers who need to fabricate custom biomedical devices.